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ECD provides the secure and accountable infrastructure that organizations need to maximize the value of their data while making sure that it's processed in accordance with the rules, regulations, and norms that govern data privacy. Key capabilities include:

Data discovery and classification:
Compile a complete inventory of personal, sensitive, or otherwise controlled data using ECD's human-driven, computer-assisted discovery and classification framework.

Data provenance and algorithmic transparency:
Understand your data supply chain with automatically generated data lineage and a complete versioned history of data transformations and associated code.

Purpose-based controls:
Limit any and all personal data processing to specified purposes grounded in GDPR-recognized legal bases, while creating data-driven data protection impact assessments for high-risk use cases.

Robust and granular access controls:
Prevent unauthorized access while enabling effective collaboration using configurable controls at the metadata, dataset, and sub-dataset level.

Manage consent, respond quickly to data subject rights requests and satisfy data breach notification requirements with an ontology layer that generates a 360 view of the data subject.

Data retention and deletion:
Ensure that data is stored in accordance with relevant retention schemes and enable the “right to be forgotten,” even across complex, distributed system landscapes.

Dynamic data minimization:
Implement privacy by design and prevent unnecessary disclosure of personal data with ECD's pseudonymize-by-default, identify on-demand framework.

Auditing for accountability:
Automatically produce and maintain complete, interpretable records of data processing activities and decisions that affect data subjects.

At ECD, we're committed to helping organizations protect privacy and strengthen trust in how they use information and achieve the potential of their digital transformation. With ECD's built-in, flexible data protection capabilities, organizations can prepare not only for the GDPR but for the challenges of an ever-evolving global regulatory environment.