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Who needs Our Help?

Health insurance providers seek to control fraud perpetrated by healthcare providers, pharmacists, and patients, and manage investigations from detection to prosecution. Payers confront significant data challenges that block them from realizing optimal outcomes. The relevant information is typically locked in data silos and rigid data warehouses that cannot adapt quickly to new data sources. Analysis is frequently inaccessible to key decision makers within the enterprise. Researchers are often unable to investigate specific procedures, diagnoses, and patient profiles that contribute to macro-trends.

Amidst these technical challenges, payers attempt to develop and refine predictive algorithms to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse. They execute comparative effectiveness analyses and design and back-test plans through regression and strategy modelling. ECD Insurance Analytics provides a unified solution for these workflows that overcomes technical obstacles and promotes better outcomes.

ECD Insurance Analytics quickly fuses disparate data sources, structured and unstructured, for unified search and analysis. Integrate medical coding, drug codes, claims formats, approved drug attributes, prescription transactions, and comparative hospital data.

Payers handle many kinds of sensitive data, and ECD Insurance Analytics provides unmatched data protection capabilities. Secure integrated data at the level of source records and implement regulations to ensure that investigators see only the data objects and attributes they are authorized to examine.

ECD Insurance Analytics provides comprehensive top-down views into integrated data. Quickly iterate on complex hypotheses with customizable interactive dashboards to examine aggregate data from multiple perspectives, and drill down into data subsets for in-depth contextual investigation with specialized analytical instruments.